5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday In UKRAINE

Ukraine is full of mountains, forests, sceneries and hospitable people. Its winter climate is conducive, ideal for skiing and other mountain sports, provides for spiritual activities along with good transport, places of interest, restaurant and lodging facilities. So, a trip to Ukraine will be quite rewarding for spending your holidays.

1. Winter:

The climate and the snow-clad mountains may be freezing, but that shouldn’t deter you from making visits to Ukraine. Warm clothing is easily available in various shops, or you can yourself bring ones with you. Coats, suits, shoes or boots, head scarf, gloves- all help you to protect you from the winter’s biting. You can cherish and enjoy the climate as it gives you warmth inside for you balancing with the cold outside.
Though frost fills all places during the winter, it cannot be an excuse for confining yourself within the four walls of your place. Defy it wearing dress and drinking hot beverages including wine.

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2.Saint Nicholas’ house- an unfailing attraction:

Saint Nicholas is a popular Saint who is a household name with most people from childhood. For visitors coming to Ukraine for spending holidays in winter, seeing the Saint’s house is customary and part of a vow without which the purpose of the visit to the city itself will not be fully served. The Saint’s house is located in Ivano-Franskivsk area in a village called Pistyn, where you can come across many matters of interest that mirror the Ukrainian traditions and customs. Here, you can sing Christmas carols. In workshops that are frequently held, you’re taught to make Christmas Cards which you can distribute to your friends and relatives. Then, there’s the Museum of Christmas balls which also you can visit.

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3. Christmas Lviv is most congenial:

Come Christmas, Ukraine city dons a heavenly look. Churches, pictures and idols of Jesus, Mary and Saints are decorated with garlands, flowers and colourful lightings. All buildings-private and government-are decorated and illuminated similarly. Roads and waterbodies are no exception for the decoration in the choicest of colors.
All residences and roads are lavishly lighted by colourful lights, serial lights of multi-colors and designs. Cemeteries are also solemnly decorated and remembered bringing life to the place where the dead are buried. Christmas trees are specially erected at vantage points. These trees and the natural ones abounding the area are also covered with lights to add lustre, life and beauty to the
town. Thus, flowers and lights make the city a paradise on earth, and kindle the spiritual fervour in you, providing a unique feast for your heart, soul and eyes. As a matter of fact, it’s a rare sight which people of all faiths like to see and cherish during their visit to Christmas Lviv in Ukraine in their Christmas holidays. The decoration of Rynok Square and the place near the main Christmas tree are also worth seeing.
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4.To play skiing:

When you want to ski and play other outdoor games, think of Bukovel in Ukraine. Its infrastructure for all activities provides an ideal setting as one of the best places for enjoying Winter holidays. Its natural mountain slopes provide an ideal infrastructure for playing skiing and snowboarding. As many as 40 tracks are there on the mountains and they beckon you to come over there for enjoying playing. In between skiings, it’s open for you to rent out your equipment also to the needy and thus earn some money. For those planning a trip to Ukraine including Bukovel, there are comfortable hotels and resting places to stay for days.
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5.For resting at the highest Ski resort:

It’s active rest at Drahobrat- resting at Drahobrat after actively playing the mountain games. Being the highest ski resort located on the Ukrainian Carpathians, Drahobrat provides the fantastic, panoramic view of the snow bearing pine forests, and the top portions of the mountain Hoverla. You can refresh yourself breathing the pristine and clean air borne in the atmosphere. For the convenience of those of you playing games at the mountains, many comfortable camping sites have sprung up in the area. Finding popular, comfortable hotels also is easy by browsing the website touristclub.kiev.ua.
In fine, Ukraine which includes places like Drahobrat is an ideal choice when you plan spending holidays with family and friends in Ukraine.
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