5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful European country and you will simply love being here. It is said that every Swedish has fika which is a ritual of having coffee and pastry at least two times in a day. If you are visiting during the summers, you can enjoy 20 hours of light. It has been rated as one of the best countries of the world and it is also famous for its gender equality laws. Here are 5 reasons as why Sweden should be your next holiday destination:

1. Seasons

Sweden is cold country when you compare it with the others, but here you can enjoy all the four seasons in full vigor. The first snowfall is magical and Sweden is the home to around 200 ski resorts. This makes it a favorite spot for ski lovers from all over the world during the winters. Spring is another season you would love to see here as you see how nature comes back to life after winter when the trees and flowers were covered with frost and ice. As everything comes back to life, the cafes prepare their outdoor sitting arrangements to welcome customers with beer and cider. During autumn you can experience the changing shades of the nature to yellow and golden.

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2. Lakes

Sweden is a great holiday destination for nature lovers as it have beautiful sparkling lakes, hills and forests. It is common for the Swedish to picnic along the sides of one of the many lakes and enjoy BBQ and drinks with family and friends. As the midnight sun appears, Swedish people bath naked in the lakes and this is common custom here. The people here have a lot of freedom and little shame.

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3. Midsummer

The national day of Sweden is celebrated on the 6th of June. However, if you ask one of the Swedes, they would say that is falls between 19th and 26th of June. This is because, this is the time when the people show their best manners, the capital of the country Stockholm gets deserted as most of the people escape from the city life to spend a week in a tent on a island or the countryside.
People start consuming alcohol at the breakfast and women wear flowers on their heads. People spend the day dancing mostly around the maypole on children songs and are usually dressed in flowers. No matter what your age is or where you are from, you will end up spending the day dancing and picking wild flowers, eating fresh potatoes made with dill along with Swedish meatballs and pies. You will also sing while doing all these.

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4. Nature and Wildlife

Sweden is the home to wild flower fields, lush green forests, large and small lakes, mountains and hills. The nature that you see in the north is different from what you see in the south and both are beautiful. It also has numerous species of fauna like moose, rabbits, deer, various birds also other predators like wolves and wolverines. You can also enjoy jungle safari here.

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5. Fashion

Enjoy shopping in Sweden as here you will find brands like Cheap Monday, H&M, Nudie and many more. Sweden is famous for its fashion industry and here you can come across some really nice and stylist clothes that are affordable and do not leave a hole in your pocket and here, we are talking about the non branded ones.
Most of the people of Sweden (the Swedes) are blond, blue eyed and fair meaning most of them are beautiful. In fact, they have been voted to be amongst the most beautiful people of the world. Visit Sweden to find out yourself!

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