5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Spain

Spain is one country in Europe that has a lot to offer. It is a country that boasts off a coastline that is 5,000 miles long and it is great place for sports enthusiasts. This country offers something for everyone and here are five reasons as why you should spend your next holiday in Spain.

1. Sports and Festivals

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the amongst the world’s biggest football clubs of the world and if you love football you will surely love to catch one of their matches live by being in the stadium. Rafa Nadal is another proof of how popular sports are in this country. The ambience that you get inside the stadium is electrifying and an experience that you will remember forever.
Spain is also famous for its festivals, the Running of Bulls being the most famous of all. Many events are celebrated that involves dancing on the streets and there is of course the famous La Tomatina festival that anyone would love to be a part of.

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2. Cuisine

Authentic Spanish cuisine is something that you should surely try out even if you are not a foodie. It is one of the best of the western world and it is particularly famous for its seafood. Paella is one such seafood dish that surely should be in your list. You will get the taste of many spices and herbs in these dishes. Spanish wines are also famous and you will find some real good Mediterranean wines here.

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3. Architecture

Spain’s shores have a number of UNESCO world heritage sites and this is another reason as why you should visit Spain. It is considered to be a one of the most beautifully crafted countries of the world and these sites are perfect example of Spain rich history and culture. Most of the cities in Spain have age-old architectural structures that are unique and truly beautiful and represent Spanish tradition and glory. The Granada is particularly famous for its Islamic roots and its beautiful palaces. Cordoba is yet another city that you should visit. It is also known as cultural capital of the country.

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4. Islands and beaches

Your trip to Spain is incomplete, if you do not explore its beautiful beaches. Most of these enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine and so you can visit at any time of the year. Enjoy sunbathing in the day time and party with your favorite wine during the night. La Barossa is one beautiful beach that should be in your lost. Enjoy beautiful sunsets, camp on the beaches or simply bath in the crystal clear waters of the sea to make you holiday in Spain memorable. And if you love partying more than anything, Ibiza is the place to be.

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5. Art galleries

Spain is one country that is perfect for art lovers. It is the home to some of the best and largest art galleries of the world. The museum of El Prado has more than eight thousands painting and numerous other arts works and is located in Madrid. It is also home to some of the most famous artists of all time like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, El Greco to name only a few. There are galleries in most of the cities of the country, Madrid being to most popular one.
Spain is one country that you can consider if you are on a tight budget and yet you want to visit an interesting and beautiful country during your holiday. Traveling through bus and train is affordable, safe and reliable. There is a lot to see and experience and is a perfect holiday destination for people of all age groups.

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