5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Slovenia

Slovenia is nothing but a gem located in between the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful Alps. It is perfect place to visit if you are nature lover and you will get everything here starting from mountains and seas to lakes and waterfalls. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Slovenia for your next holiday:

1. Ljubljana

This is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and you will understand that once you visit it. Located along a river know by the same name, Ljubljana is a very vibrant city and it offers a lot of things for its visitors. From restaurants and bars to cultural events, there are a lot of things that would keep the visitors busy. Do not miss out the Franciscan Church with the Alps at its backdrop…it is beautiful sight! It has dragon emblem that is unique to the city.

ljubljana-and-lake-bled-twin-centre_2_traditional-wooden-boats-on-lake-bledImage Source:regent-holidays

2. Castles

There is something else that you will love in Slovenia, its beautiful castles. Many of the castles have been turned into museums and hotels and you can also consider living in one of these. Each of the castles is beautiful and unique in its own way. Make sure you visit the Bled Castle as from here you can enjoy the stunning view of Lake Bled. Predejma Castle is also famous as it was built on an overhanging rock and there are also underground caverns nearby that you can visit. There are many more castles that you can visit in this country. There are other caverns that you can visit, Postojna being one of them. There is an underground train that would take you to this underground cave.

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3. Julian Alps

The best way to enjoy Slovenia is by visiting the Triglav National Park as from here you can enjoy a great view of the Julian Alps. The Julian Alps is one of the main reasons as why people visit Slovenia. If you love skiing, you will enjoy more being here. Some of the best skiing spots of Slovenia are here. You can also see a beautiful waterfall but for that you would have to hike up the mountain. It is a 60 meter high waterfall and one of the most beautiful as well.

Julian-Alps-mountains-Slovenia-central-eastern-europe-most-beautiful-european-countriesImage Source:beautiful-eastern-europe

4. Health Resorts

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries of the world and it is home to numerous health resorts. There are a lot of things that you can do here like hiking and biking. Some of these also have thermal pools. There are campsites present in these health resorts and adventure lovers would love to be here and spend most of their time.

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5. Lake Bled

This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Slovenia and there is 6 km path around the lake where there is a lot to explore and experience. The northeast part has thermal springs and so make sure that you visit them. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants around the lake that boats of a happening nightlife. There are also a lot of things that you can do during the day like boating etc. The view of the surroundings that you will get while boating is exquisite and magnificent.
There are many other reasons that attract people to Slovenia. The city Piran offers elegant Venetian architecture and gives you a feel of a medieval town. Maribor is yet another city that should not be missed. The Old Vine House is the main attraction of this city which is also known as the cultural capital of Europe. Guess…you do not any need any more reasons for visiting Slovenia though there are many more.

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