5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday In Portugal

Portugal is one of the smallest nations in Europe and is a magnificent destination to spend your holiday. Great scenery with enriched history will be a great experience when planning to spend a vacation in the country.

1. Sun-Kissed Sea Beaches

If you are a beach enthusiast then Portugal is the right holiday destination. Not only is this but also you can enjoy the view in different forms – some rocky, some sandy, secluded or crowded, without or with bars and often surrounded by families or surfers. One of the most popular beaches in the country is Algarve that is located in Southern region. Algarve stands as the top-notch summer vacation spot in Europe covering 150 beaches as a whole. You can also find wild and remote places in the region when avoiding crowd. Daytime is although slow-paced but the night-life here is very exciting. Moreover you can click some best pictures as a memento for lifetime. This is a beautiful place for guests and tourists to enjoy.

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2. Festivals Throughout The Year

Who doesn’t love festivals? In fact, there are many people waiting the festive days with utmost eagerness. In Portugal, the whole year is party. Celebrating traditional festivals are an important part of their culture. Christian vacations are celebrated in artistic ways. Some examples of festivals celebrated in the country are Festa de Santo António of Lisbon is celebrated in May and many cities especially Braga and Porto arrange for the festival in the name of Saint John in June. Other than traditional festivals, there are music festivities irrespective of classical music, jazz or rock being played in the coast. The most well-known festival celebrated in the country is Boom Festival – a gala of insanity and resourcefulness dedicated to the Burning Man in the world every year in Nevada. This festival characterizes musical shows including psychedelic house, trance and captivating sounds and art exhibitions.

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3. Cultural Heritage

Portugal is a European country that has been able to maintain is cultural heritage. It’s roman temples, country estates, ancient fortresses and towns still beam with lavishness. The country has lot of things to offer you that is fun-filled and entertaining. Additionally you get to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing, participate in water sports activities, spend time in beaches, and enrol in golfing courses and luxurious stay at remarkable resorts. There are many other activities in Portugal including ballroom dancing, horse riding, surfing as well as bowling.

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4. The Delicacies And Excellent Wines

Are you a foodie? Do you prefer to try out different delicacies? If yes then Portugal is a mesmerizing country. The productive lands and seas enrich the country with wide range of fresh and appetizing foods. You might not know but Portuguese dishes have the flavour of past colonial possessions. This can mostly be viewed from different spices in many Portuguese kitchens such as black pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, saffron and chilli. For several cuisines, olive oil is the general ingredient. Most popular cuisines of the country are fish soups, chargilled fish, rice-based specialties, smoked meats and seafood. Although these cuisines are really mind-blowing yet don’t miss out the fantastic desserts. Try out the Portuguese wines especially the well-known Porto wine.

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5. The Melodious Language

If you have ever listened to Portuguese inhabitants then you would know the sweetness of their language. Yes the resonance of Portuguese language is simply incredible. The language is a segment of Ibro-Romance group with several commons which include Spanish as well. Sitting in a restaurant and ordering coffee or in amusement parks etc, listen to the locals speaking and you can understand the grace of this melodic language. It is a sort of listening to a Fado songster.

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