5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Holiday in Poland

For those travel–savvy individuals who have already set their foot in countries like Italy, Spain and France and still looking for yet another holiday destination – Poland can turn out to be an excellent answer for them. An instant obvious question will raise in your mind, why Poland? Well, it can be said that this beautiful country can offer a lot to its visitors. Apart from having a good touch of both historical and cultural value, the fellow countrymen are also very noble and kind hearted who are always ready to greet new people all around their world with all their belongings.

1. Castles And Palaces Worth Paying A Visit

You may find a number of castles along with palaces in various regions of this country which might take you to the land of fairytales and sheer romanticism. Paying a visit to the Malbork Castle situated in Greater Gdansk, Lancut Palace or Wawelski Castle is worthwhile as it can give you that particular magical feel of which you might have starving for. The important thing is, no matter which age group you are belong to, you will surely get something to suit your taste in this country that will never let you stay back. If you are old and matured enough then the galleries and museums might grab your interest. Otherwise, hanging out in a local cafe or night club can be more colourful and appealing for you.

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2. Country Of Rivers And Lakes

Poland is mainly known for the Mazury region. It can be considered as a paradise for hikers, sailors as well as kayakers. The Masuria Lakeland consists of a number of lakes that are connected to a chain of rivers and canals thereby surrounded by dense forests. It is more fascinating to sail in the Lakeland when thinking about its historical insights and cultural heritage. This countryside is popular in Europe owing to its major concentration of storks.

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3. National Parks

National Parks only covers up just one percent of the Poland’s territory. But don’t get confused seeing the 1% as you can enjoy everything out there viz lakes, mountains and seas. Above all, you can get a glimpse of bison, uneven sand dunes and also the tree wherein King Jagiello rested for a while. Poland has overall 23 National Parks each of which is known for their unique features. You can also find some traces of historical events in the National Parks.

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4. Places Of Cultural And Historical Interest

Never miss out the opportunity to visit Katowice, Gdansk and Krakow which are said to be enriched with the country’s culture and history. If any of your known people has visited the places, try to get a view of all through their eyes and you will simply develop the urge to visit the places personally and learn their cultures as well.

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5.Not A Hectic Journey

The good news is: Poland is a country that is too easy to pay a visit to. It does not take too long to hop into this country especially when you are travelling from Europe. No matter whether you have set out for a long trip or a short business trip or a simple weekend trip, it can surely be assured that you will simply fall in love with this amazing nation. It matters the least at what time you pay a visit here as you will always find something really exciting happening out here. There are a number of things to look out for and do all over this nation all the year round. Various exhibitions, carnivals, festivals are always happening out here to grab your attention.
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