5 Makeup Mistakes Women Always Make

There are 5 silly slip-ups, which most women will always make. Rather than making it have a flawless feel, suck mistakes ensure that your face appears old and ugly. Let us be aware of these common mistakes so that we avoid making them again in the future.

First Mistake: Putting on a lot of Makeup
Applying a lot of mascara and foundation can be the commonest mistakes that women do. Foundation should never give an impression that you have put on a mask. Again, it might have a greater emphasis on the wrinkles and fine lines. A lot of mascara will look too messy and unnatural by the day end.

Second Mistake: The Makeup is not Blended Properly
With eye shadow, it is a huge mistake to opt for a rainbow effect. Again, creating hard lines around your eyes or lips are also incorrect. Expect to have grubby-looking face, if you try to emphasize on your cheekbones using blushers or bronzers.

Sheer Foundations

Third Mistake: Neglecting Your Teeth
Your smile is no doubt a thing, which anyone is going to notice, when meeting you in person. Teeth, which are cared well, are not just healthy for you, but they also helps in taking years from your appearance.

Fourth Mistake: Unkempt Eyebrows
Do remember that eyebrow fashion will keep on changing from time to time. And it is not a wise decision to follow the latest trend in eyebrows slavishly. You should not pluck the eyebrows too heavily. If you do, sometimes they do not grow back, whereas in other case, they grow up in every direction.

Fifth Mistake: Too Bright Makeup
Having a bright eye makeup and mascara might be the ongoing trend of fashion. However, it is not for daily use, as the appearance after such makeup is quite unnatural. It might also make you appear older. You need forget about the old idea of having a perfect match in eye color and eye shadow. By choosing brown and bronze shades, your eye colors will be flattered.