5 Amazing Countries Anyone Can Travel To On A Budget

If you’re hesitant about high-expensive holiday destination countries, you can definitely take solace that equally there are ever so many countries out there like the ones discussed below incredibly meeting your small budget, at the same time providing you the same level, if not more, of information, knowledge and relaxation. People there also are hospitable, where staying, travelling, boarding and enjoying fun is still comfortable notwithstanding the low cost.

1.Central America:

Honduras, Nicaragua,El Salvador and Guatemala- you can travel to any or all of them; they are in close proximity with each other forming Central America. All provide the same type of facilities- roaming around the ancient ruins, surfing, eating tasty foods and trekking through the jungle- all you can enjoy without the surge of a tourist crowd over you. Budget hotels are available at $15/night, meals for $3, beer for less than a dollar and bus journeys for similar cheap rates. The countries are good and safe so long as you don’t knock at drug peddlers and you refrain from heading to bad neighbourhoods.

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2.Eastern Europe:

Bulgaria, Romania,Moldova and Ukraine belong to this bloc where your travel and stay are very affordable and cheap. Spending less than $40 a day, i.e. $1.50 for one liter of beer in Bulgaria, $8/a night for a stay in Ukraine, and a few dollars for movements through transport- travel and life is quite enjoyable with all comforts in these countries. Here, this Eastern Europe, which is quite akin to the west in natural beauty and modernity, tourists rush is less, with consequent reduction in cost of living. But, remember, the people here also are well-off enjoying all the comforts, a common feature in European countries.

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Australia is another country where anyone can travel to at affordable expense. Availability of work exchange opportunities, large number of Couchsurfing hosts, cheap groceries and a large tourist population has made this travel cheap. During the past three years, the cost of living in Australia shot up, but the 20% drop in Australian dollar balanced the price hike making travel to Australia very much affordable as before.

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Contrary to popular perception, travel to Fiji, a Pacific island, is affordable and cheap, though, visit to the other neighbouring Pacific islands is comparatively costlier. In Fiji, you can enjoy the serene, raw beaches, diving facilities, tour the area mingling with the local populace, and eat tasty sea foods without pinching your purse.
There’s one more speciality with Fiji. For Fiji Airlines, Fiji is a regular stopover, and taking advantage of this break, sizable travellers alight in Fiji and go on sight-seeing. This trend has given rise to proliferation of affordable guest houses, transportation and other tourist-related commercial activities in and around particularly the famous Yasawa Islands. In fine, Fiji has evolved as a popular, budget-friendly tourist country which is surely worth travelling to on a budget, and which still gives you all the enjoyments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

FijiImage Source:coffscoast.focusmag

5.South Korea:

The cost of living of South Korea is cheaper than most other Southeast Asian countries. Though tiny, it’s powerful in that it’s technically far advanced, home for producing electronic goods and largely supplying the same to the outside world. Known for its highly delicious food varieties, South Korea’s countryside is captivating and the night life in clubs is highly enchanting and unparalleled. 1100 South Korean won= US $1. In terms of dollars, everything is next to nothing. Korean BBQ with full drinks costs you only as little as $8, and pick up bottles of beer in 7-eleven can be had at less than a dollar. So far a less-tapped tourist destination, Fiji is slowly picking up, of late.
This list of amazing countries is not final. It continues with other nations. If you get to know the correct travel information, you can tour such countries also on your budget.

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