3 Tips to Strength Training for Women

Women, in the modern society, need something different to get in shape, lose fat, lose weight and get a toned body. Let us check out some tips to strength training for women and see how you also can lose fat and build muscle to appear great:

Lift Heavy Weight to Get Maximum Strength, Stay in Good Health and Fitness
You need to train yourself with heavy lifts. What a woman can include in her regular regime is to load several 45-pound plates over 45-pound barbell to do squatting and dead lifting. It is fairly possible for ladies to do 100-400 pound squat. Even expert believe that women should routinely opt for heavy lifts to get the best results out of strength training. Once you move into heavy lifts, your muscles grow, become denser, and improve in the hormonal regulation, the nervous system responses to the changes by learning the method for recruiting more muscles for contracting on demand. The muscle also becomes resilient to any form of physical stress. And the bonus is an amazing bodacious butt.

Variation is the Way to Success
For consistently getting stronger muscles, you need a variety of exercises in your regime. You can start with barbell strength training, but with time, you should change it to something, which can help you in achieving the highest strength gains.

workout 1Credit: Earl McGehee

Opt for Work on Your Upper Body
It is pretty much important to involve your upper body at least twice in the week for strength training. Since we are generally weaker in our upper body, we need to provide that area with every possible workout, which it can get. Even if you are on a holiday, it is important for you to find out sometime to give your upper body proper workout.

To receive the best results from your strength training, you need a good trainer, who pushes you to the limit and never shows pity on you. The road to a solid appearance is tough. You need a ruthless guide to cross through it.