27 Creative Ways To Save A lot of Money On Clothes

Americans spend close to couple of thousand dollars on an annual basis on clothes and accessories. Considering the current economic crunch, you would definitely like to keep a check on the figure that you spend, even though you would not want to cut down on shopping. You can follow any of the 27 creative ways to save a lot of money on clothes:

1. If you aren’t wearing a particular cloth, its better you drop it off at consignment shop, which will pay you the profit margin when it is sold.

2. If you don’t mind wearing gently used clothing, you can opt for thrift stores, where you can get discounts up to 50 percent.

3. There are a lot of sites online, where you can find coupons that can be used to cut the price of clothes down to almost half its price, whether buying from a live store or online store.

4. Lookout for machine-washable clothes to avoid losing your clothes, each time you clean it.

5. Do keep in mind that even if it is machine-washable, your cloth is still destructible. You should take proper care of the clothes while washing them to get years of use from them.

6. Buying out of season clothes during clearance sale, like coats in May-June and Swimsuits during December-January, will help you in saving a lot of money.

7. Similar to live stores, online ones also offer clearance sales during respective seasons, so do not spare them either.

8. Turning clothes, which you are not using, to something else is a smart move. You will see a lot of people cutting old jeans and turning them into shorts.

9. You should not buy just because clothes are on sale. See, if you really need the product, before you are buying anything.

10. Not everything should be bought from designer labels. You can buy t-shirts and tank tops from cheaper stores at an affordable rate.

11. For workout, you do not have to buy expensive clothing. The result of yoga depends upon your posture and not on the type/brand of cloth that you wear.

12. Outlet malls, at times, are flooded with deals on reputed brands. However, those pieces, at times are not of the same quality, as many brands create those items for outlet malls only. Try avoiding such deals.

13. There are high chances that you and your friend’s wardrobe have clothes, which both of you do not use.
Again, you might like what your friend has and vice versa. In such cases, it is best to swap clothes with your friend rather than buying a new one.

14. Rather than opting for trendier clothes and their shorter life, it is best to stick with simple clothes having classic styles.

15. There are several discount stores, which sell slightly imperfect products from reputed brands at fraction of the product’s actual cost.

16. Start hemming your clothes by yourself to avoid paying the professionals. If you cannot, ask a friend, who knows sewing, to do it in exchange of a favor.

17. If you only have to wear a cloth once, it is better to borrow it from a friend or family member, rather than buying it.

18. If there is no one from whom you can borrow, it is best for you to buy it from a resale site rather than taking the same on rent.

19. Discount stores offer uniforms for both workplace and schools at really affordable price range.

20. With delicate items like swimsuits, going for a high-end brand during clearance sale is a better option than buying cheaper knockoffs.

21. If you are buying universal clothing like hoodie or t-shirt, you should buy from men’s section, even if you have to buy for a woman for their cheaper rates.

22. You should shop for clothes similar to how you manage grocery shopping. You should make a list and buy accordingly only.

23. Buy clothes that will fit now and not as per a plan of your body shape in the future.

24. If you join email lists of store, you will receive discount coupons or be aware of any sale going in the store.

25. There are free magazines available everywhere, in which you can find great coupon deals on your favorite brands.

26. You should set price limits on clothes and whatever happens, you should not cross the limit.

27. You should be on the lookout for stores opening up in your area or new stores online. There will definitely be an introductory offer, which you can get maximum benefits from.