21 Things you should say to make her like you

Women love to hear compliments, at all times. The more they get the wonderful the man becomes. Because they think, the man loves her the way she is, without changes. Hence, to impress her, sweet nothings are the best way to win her heart. Below mentioned are the tips, as to what your woman exactly wants to hear –

1. You are the best thing that has happened to me – Saying this to a girl would make her feel she is the only one in his life and she is the one who has made his life happy.

2. You Look Beautiful – Women love to hear that her partner finds her beautiful. It boosts her confidence and she would want to be close to you.

3. You are Great in Bed – This phrase would surely make her feel sex goddess and she would be happy about her performance in bed.

4. I am Lucky to Have You – With this line, she would be head over heels. It would make her feel that she is a special one in your life. Women love gentleman so do not forget to thank her as how much lucky lad you’ve become after she came into your life.

5. I Love You – These are three magical words for ages that puts women on cloud nine. Say it when she is least expecting it.

6. No Matter What Has Happened. No Matter What You’ve Done. No Matter What You Will Do. I Will Always Love You. I Swear It. – Excerpt from a Novel Defiance – Sometimes, even the beautiful lines from books or movies work wonders. Hence, hold her hand and look into her eyes and say the aforementioned excerpt. She would be all yours.

7. I Never Loved You Any More Than I Do, Right This Second. And I’ll never Love You Any Less Than I do, Right This Second. – Excerpts from the book Beautiful Creatures: Give her a note saying this and see how this would work as a magical wand for you.

8. You Have Seized My Heart – It will directly tell her that you want her badly. Certainly, She would blush when you whisper it to her.

9. You Are Beautiful On The Inside as You Are On The Outside – This expression would touch her heart because, it would just not the beauty of her, you like her as a person too.

10. Sparkling Eyes – An interesting way to compliment her would be ‘ I like the way your eyes sparkle when you smile’.

11. Smile – Compliment her smile by saying ‘ You look cute as a button, when your lips curve’.
12. Be My Valentine Forever – You would never go wrong with this phrase.

13. You Are Everything That I Have – It will make her, she is the most precious thing in his life.

14. I Don’t Want To Change You – It will tell your woman that she is perfect the way she is.; No alterations required.

15. Aren’t You Tired? You Are Running Through My Mind – This will depict that you are totally into her.

16. I Can’t Stop Talking About You – It will tell her that you are not embarrassed of her at all.

17. You Stole My Heart – And, with this she will know how much you love her.

18. You Take My Breath Away – You can say this when she is all decked up for a date with you.

19. You Are The Reason I Wake Every Morning – It will tell her that she is the only one who runs your life.

20. You Complete Me – It will tell her that your life has turned beautiful after she has come into your life.

21. I Vision My Future With You – She will know that you are with her for a serious relationship and just not there to flirt around.

21 Things you should say to make her like you