20 Questions To Help You Determine When To End a Long-Term Relationship

Is it time for you to analyze your relationship? Then of course the following list would help you to re-think about your relationship –

1. Need a Break – Are you planning a time off from your partner? Just because things have been tad shaky lately and rather than not working on it, you want to go on a break mode. It would not work out, even after that as bond needs to be robust like a rock. This is sheer an excuse to be away for a while.

2. Intruding into Your Partner’s Emails Box – If you are snooping around your lover’s mails, texts, Facebook or call log list, then you do not trust him/her at all. This shows you both have a big communication gap and emotional attachment has diminished.

3. Your Partner Already Have A Partner – Do you really want to be with someone who has lied to you? When he/she can lie to his/her significant other then surely, he can also put you in that place and might cheat on you, one day. Do you really see a long- term relationship with your partner?

4. Aggression – If your other half pushes you hard, or strongly grab your hand, just quit the relationship. You deserve better.

5. Constant Swearing – If you both are swearing to each other during arguments and fights. You do not belong to each other.

6. Walks Over An Argument – If you both do care about the relationship, you would together, talk over it to resolve rather than one of you walking out of the house to avoid it.

7. Past is The Ghost – If past good memories with your partner is the reason to live your present with him/her, then it is an enough sign to end it.

8. Changing Yourself – Love is unconditional and if anyone of you want your partner to mold you to live up to your expectations, the word is ‘ the end’.

9. Situation Recurs Even After Looking Over – If repeatedly the same problem and situation occurs with the same outcome. Call it quits, before your so-called love ship sinks.

10. Struggling To Fix The Relationship – No matter how much you did to survive this bond but there are times when you know you both do not even sail through the basics of life. Love is blind, but at times reality check is required.

11. Emotional Distance – When emotional attachment has come to a halt and you, your partner is least worried about each other. That is a cul-de-sac of your union.

12. Isolation – You do not feel like talking to your family/friends anymore. This relationship has really got you. Get over it.

13. Understanding – You both are never on the same page and your frequency does not match at all.

14. Err..I love you too – So when you have that hesitation to reply your partner back with lovey- dovey words. Well, don’t you have the answer yet, of course, get out the relationship.

15. Pillow Talk – The lovemaking is getting boring and stale. Long-term you can’t really continue with it.

16. Avoiding to Spend Time Together – Did you make an excuse of work so that you do not need to spend time with your love mate. Till how long will you escape it!

17. Commitment Issues – Does your better half get cold feet when it comes to commitment? You really want to be wasting time with him/her who isn’t sure.

18. Fading of Affection – It is a warning signal if you are not hugging and kissing each other, after work.

19. Finding Other People Attractive – You are finding someone else eye-catching and you love to spend time with him/her.

20. Criticize – No one can take constant criticism of how they are doing it right. If your partner has negative feelings or nitpicking, do you think it is even worth your life it to be with him/her.

21. Comparison – If any one of you is comparing your partner with the other attractive men/women, surely interest towards your partner is fading.

20 Questions To Help You Determine When To End a Long-Term Relationship