18 Differences Between Some Guy You Date And The Man You Are Going To Marry

There is a thin line between the guy you date and the man you marry. Hence, here are some differences that may help you who is the eternal one:

1. Notice The Change – The man you think to marry would notice the change even if it is the slightest one and man whom you date would change you according to him.

2. Vision – The man you are about to marry sees his world with you and the date guy could not think beyond the bedroom.

3. Trust – The potential man for marrying will trust you blindly, however, the guy you’re dating would dig information about your day as an investigator.

4. Clarity – The beau you are thinking to marry would give you a clear understanding of how his life works. On the other hand, the hot you are dating would never talk about it, apart from cuddles and kisses.