16 Relationship Habits You Don’t Realize Are Toxic

1. You are overprotective and too jealous.
2. You put the need of your partner above yours all the time.
3. You let them win to take the higher road.
4. You believe frequent and intense fights to be a sign of True love.
5. You leave the comments during confrontation in your head and never put it forward then and there.

6. You keep score of mistake that other person commits for self-protection.
7. You show care to your partner using valuable gifts or special trips.
8. You believe biting your tongue is better than hurting your partner’s feelings.
9. You keep on blaming your partner for emotional turmoil in your head.
10. You let the conflicts between one another remain unresolved.

11. You are holding your relationship hostage.
12. You are checking your partner’s phone all the time.
13. You keep on saying that you are fine, when you are not.
14. You keep on comparing your ex with your partner to convey what your wants and needs are.

15. You give silent treatment to your partner when you are angry.
16. You keep on justifying yourself, when you have a hint that you might be wrong.

16 Relationship Habits You Don't Realize Are Toxic