16 Do’s and Don’ts When Dating

16 Dating Do’s
1. Know your date better to tailor a conversation.
2. Listen what your date has to say.
3. Keep your conversation light-hearted.
4. Keep asking questions now and then.
5. Maintain proper hygiene.
6. Have plans for the date.
7. Reach the meeting place on time.

8. Make eye contact in a matter that makes your date feel special and not weird.
9. Be warm, happy and friendly.
10. Do confirm the location and time on the day of the date.
11. Try to work your charm on your date.
12. Have a confidence that you are highly dateable.
13. Widen the definition of a compatible mate.
14. Talk a bit about yourself.
15. Make your conversation reciprocal and show interest in getting to know your date.
16. Dress properly on a date.

16 Dating Don’t
1. Convince yourself the type of partner you want.
2. Be too judgmental.
3. Come on your date too strong.
4. Forget the basic rules for dating.
5. Get lost talking only about yourself.
6. Complain too much about your poor luck in love life.
7. Dress younger than what you actually are.

8. Make your date realize that your date was being Google stalked by you.
9. Mention ex in the conversation.
10. Get stuck on awkward situations.
11. Pretend being someone you are not.
12. Splash too much of cologne or perfume.
13. Concentrate on your cell phone too much.
14. Talk dirty.
15. Wait too long for the next date with the same person, if both of you had a good time.
16. Pressure for a kiss, when your date is ending.

16 Do's and Don'ts When Dating