15 Things to Avoid for a Better and Healthier Relationship

Healthy relationship do not just happen, it requires patience, time and true love, who really wants to be together. Though you both are treating each other well, but is that really enough for a good relationship to survive. Inner happiness and frequency match is important for the couple to enjoy their existence in the relationship. Therefore, it is imperative that as a couple, you take care of things that do not affect your relationship –

1. Anger Zone – If you are not happy with the opinion/actions of your partner, never try to resolve it with bitter words. Rage would simply destroy your love into ashes. Controlling your temper is the best way to float through the bad/low phase of a relationship.

2. Dominate – Never try to suppress your partner’s opinions and wishes. Controlling them or taking a lead every time would suffocate them at some point and they simply would like to quit the relationship. Let them speak, respect their feelings and go for a mutual approach.

3. Criticize – It is not really a good habit to criticize your partner; it will only lower their confidence and de-motivate them gradually. He/she would start inculcating negative feelings for you, and it would simply lead to fights.

4. Comparison – To draw a comparison between your partner and friends is not really a good idea. If something crops up in your head, remember the times when he/ she has made you feel special and that they have been the people to be beside you, in your low times.

5. Differences – Each individual is different, hence a couple must complement each other like a team, rather than stressing about the things, where your partner is not perfect. Remember, no one was born perfect, everyone grooms with time.

6. Bitterness – Even if you had an argue with your partner and you have said things, which he/she shouldn’t have, learn to forgive him/her for his words. It will help you both, to survive the storm and to sail through your love boat, smoothly.

7. Judgmental – Do not judge your partner, for his actions or the way he/she is. Let him/her be the way they are, it would help them to slip into a comfort zone with you.

8. Abuse – If you are truly in love, so you would definitely respect him/her. Verbal or physical abuse, it’s a big ‘NO’ for the relation. You don’t want to sink your love ship.

9. Pressure – Mounting a pressure would repel your partner to be in a relationship with you. Gradually, he/she might simply want to get out of the relationship for good.

10. Nagging – Nitpicking in his habits, behavior is not a good sign for a healthy relationship. You cannot force someone to do things, unwillingly.

11. I am Right – If you start by saying that I was wrong, it would save you from many arguments. Rather save it and use that energy to analyze, where the relationship is going wrong.

12. Internet – Avoid electronic gadgets during your quality time with your better half. The internet info would not run away.

13. Dishonesty – Tell your partner everything, even your wrong deeds. Transparent relationship only, can have a long life.

14. Fighting – Do not fight in public. If you have a problem find a place such as a park or home to fix the issue. You don’t want to be a laughing-stock.

15. Spying – If you love someone, then the trust should come automatically. Have confidence and respect their privacy.

love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything!