15 Signs to Learn If You Have Found Your Perfect Boyfriend

During the journey of life, if you find Mr. Perfect, wouldn’t life will become enthralling for you. Though every woman has a different description of their ‘Mr. Right’ man. Thus, following are the signs to know if you have ended with your dream boy/man –

1. Does He keep His Promise – Man with substance would always keep his words, no matter what. It would tell you how committed he is to you.

2. Does He Appreciate You – If he loves you the way you are, without alterations then surely he is the guy for you, even if you eat tiramisu in the middle of the night or watch an animated movie.

3. With Zero Insecurity – If he lets you be on your own with your other friends without any skepticism of late night parties, etc., then you have become one of the luckiest girl on earth because this shows he trusts you blindly.

4. Mingle with Family – Does he easily mixes up with your folks and become friends with your siblings? Perfecto, life becomes easy for future family weddings & Thanksgiving dinners, isn’t it?

5. An Interesting Man – If you find his company fun and he makes you do things that you’ve never tried before such as camping, parasailing, etc. You just don’t realize how time flies with him.

6. Mature is Classy – So, if he takes the difference of opinions in a calm and compose manner and finishes it off in a neat way. What else do you want when you both have win-win situation.

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7. Spontaneous – He takes you to the airport and asks you to pick one place and immediately you board the flight. Such spontaneity and surprises is one of the keys to keep the relationship alive.

8. Expressive – No matter how many times he has told you ‘ I love You’ still he leaves no stone unturned to tell you in the best possible way, maybe by cooking breakfast for you or cuddling you in bed on a Saturday morning.

9. Smart – You know where to go when stuck in a situation and you know you can bank upon him for it. Surely, it would give you a feeling of being safe in his arms forever.

10. Promise To Be Caring – In thick & thins he promises to take care of you and hates to see you crying. Man, he really loves you if he has expressed this to you or has reflected in the relationship in some manner.

11. Does He Respect Woman – Look for signs as to how he treats women in general. So, if he has high regard for women, then surely he will genuinely respect you, too.

12. Has He Become A Source Of Motivation – Your boyfriend motivates you to cross boundaries and touch the sky in your career. He understands your dreams and be an inspiration, for you to achieve goals.

13. Good Traits – Look for indications whether he is honest, friendly and helpful in general. Because this will tell you as how his character is as a person.

14. Proud To Have You – Your hot boyfriend is not ashamed to take you out with his friends, then surely he is deeply into you and wants you to be a part of his world.

15. Does He Make You Feel Beautiful – Your beau treats you as a princess and makes you feel beautiful. He makes you feel the most attractive girl around. You got a bulls eye, girl with this man. Bask in the mystical charm of love with him.