15 Foundations of Relationship Every Man and Woman Wants

A relationship is not based on the length of time you had spent; rather it is the foundation that you have built together. Robust establishment can only lead to cemented relationships. However, as we all know, men are from mars and women from Venus, hence, their desires for the strong foundation would be different from each other. But, there are ways to bridge the gap to be together forever –

1. Trust – All the relationship bonds are based on trust. Be it a man or a woman, it is not easy to earn their trust. If you love someone trust will come automatically and it would help to grow your attachment more with time.

2. Understanding – It plays a vital role to build the base of any relationship. Therefore, it is important that both the partners understand each other’s needs and react, accordingly. It will help them to avoid conflicts and wrong judgment about each other.

3. Talk – Share your feelings and discuss with your partner, if something is bothering you.

4. Doing things together – To grow as a couple, do things together such as cooking, gym or maybe a dance lesson.

5. Listen – Most of the fights can be resolved, if you choose to listen to your partner, rather than thinking what to retaliate him/her now during the fights.

6. Patience – Give time to your relationship. Be slow and steady that would help you to be on the same page.

7. Say ‘Yes’ to gestures – Using the terms – sorry, love you and thank you would make your partner feel good about it and would keep the charm alive.

8. Affection – Do not be shy to love your partner. Give hugs and kisses and it is a good way to apologize.

9. Show Appreciation – Never forget to praise your partner. Be it a man or woman, both must appreciate from time to time. It gives confidence to each other that the relationship is going in the right direction.

10. Respect – Respect the differences and try working it out. Don’t disrespect your partner, no matter, how many bumps you are facing together.

11. Loyalty – Being faithful to your partner means that there is no room for a third person. There should be blind conviction in the relationship for the bond to grow stronger.

12. Motivation – Be supportive to your partner during low time, so rather than criticizing. Motivate to bounce back again so that he/she becomes optimistic towards life.

13. Honesty – Do not lie to your partner, if you love him/her to the core. If you have done something mistakenly it is better to admit it than to hide it.

14. Intimacy – It is a healthy extension for a relationship, as it enhances the emotional attachment between the couple. Aroma candles work wonders to create a romantic atmosphere.

15. Stay Connected – Keep communication on via mobile text message, emails, etc. for the day. It will keep the charm alive and would keep a smile on your partner’s lips for the day.

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