144 year old Wisteria resembles pink sky

Wisteria, a plant located in Japan’s Ashikaga Flower Park, dates back to over 1870. Not the largest plant in world yet it is quite large with the size of about 1990 square meters. They are actually vines and its entire structure is supported on steels as it gets very heavy, this allows visitors to have a walk beneath the canopy.

The tree’s hanging blossoms are so beautiful that it provides visitors some rejoice to walk in the pink and purple light created by them. Check out this segment to view this amazing tree. via boredpanda

Image credits: tungnam.com.hk

Image credits: Mamiko Irie

Image credits: Makoto Yoneda

Image credits: P-Zilla

Image credits: P-Zilla

Image credits: y-fu

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Image credits: Taka Ochiai

 Image credits: Kazumi Ishikawa