13 Easy Skills That Can Save You A Lot of Money

If you add the below 13 easy skills to your repertoire, you will be able to save a lot of money. Most of these skills involve task, where you have to pay others a lot of money, if you get it done from someone else:

1. Fixing Your Car By Yourself
Even though cars have gotten too advanced with modernized features, there are different maintenance tasks, which you can complete by yourself. One of those tasks includes changing the car’s oil. You need a pan, wrench and an hour or so to fix the issue, which could have cost you close to $200.

2. Sewing Buttons
Buttoned shirts and pants cost more or less the same price. You can save close to $50 of new clothing items, if you can learn the simple task of threading a needle and using it to sew buttons.

3. Giving Haircut to Yourself
You have to pay a lot of money to the hair stylist just to trim your hair. If you are not looking for a particular style, then all you need is a few scissors and electric clippers. You will be all set to trim your hair by yourself and save a lot of money.

4. Cooking
A lot of money gets constantly invested on lunches, breakfasts, evening meals and dinners. You can save that amount by getting trained in cooking those small dishes, which can be easily made. Stuffs like sandwiches and omelets take a small bit of time, but they give you enough energy to carry out your task without any issues.

5. Grooming of Your Dog
If you have bored kids at your place, you can easily save the money invested on canine stylist. The kid can easily shampoo your dog and give a fluffy brushing.

6. Reading Contract
Sometimes, you have to hire professionals for reading contract involving real estate properties. Since the contracts are generally in English, you can save the money involved in a real estate deal by not involving a realtor. In case you have problem in understanding legal terms, consult a lawyer, as he will be cheaper than the commissions taken by a realtor.

7. Learning the Art of Plumbing
Doing the task of plumbing might gross you, but it is not quite difficult. The tools are available in the market and it is not a rocket science to fix issues related to pipes.

8. Designing websites
If you are planning an online store, you can save a lot of money by designing the website yourself. There are a lot of videos that can help you to create a website. There are free sites, where you can create your domain.

9. Negotiating Skills
Even if it is a small amount involved in any sort of deal, you should negotiate the rates offered to you. There are high chances that the person might agree and readily reduce the cost involved.

10. Tax Submission
If your income tax return is straight forward, then it is better to fill your return yourself, rather than involving a professional and paying him a lot of money.

11. Canning Your Food
If you know how to can your food, you will be able to save a lot of money, even though the upfront cost involving pots, jars and ingredients will be high.

12. Growing Vegetables by Yourself
You can save thousands on the grocery bill, if you can grow vegetables at yourself.

13. Light Packing
Some people love packing a lot. If you belong to that category, it is time to show your skill by only taking those things, which are really important to you. This reduces the packing cost, which you would have needed to give to the airport authority.