11 Celebrities with the Ugliest Feet

Are you fan of any celebrity? If you do you can check out the pictures below and your idol celebrity might be in the list. We already know there is no perfection in this world so we need to accept and live with it. A good evidence to this matter is that by looking at these pictures below you will understand that perfection is not existed. Even super hot Hollywood stars have these kind of awkward matter- what you see will shock you even more as these ugly feet are attached to them.


But don’t consider this as bad, everyone has at least one thing not perfect. We love our idols because they have a good heart not anything else. Kate Moss, Michelle Yeoh, Kim K., Posh, Steven Tyler, Oprah Winfrey, and more.. Via: celebrityrevolt

1. Kate Moss
If you look at her poor toes they are looking like pinched and cramped. I know you won’t believe she has the toes like that. But I know the toes are not the problem to her fans. They love her because of who she is not because how her toes look like.

2. Michelle Yeoh
Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh Choo-Kheng was born in August 1962. She performed many stunts in Hong Kong action films. The fact she is a Malaysian actress born in Ipos, Malaysia. With her best performance in many movies including the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Die that’s why she is one of the most respected star in her own fan’s heart. Anyway, people don’t judge her by looking at her feet though.

3. Kim K.
I almost don’t believe it was Kim’s feet. It looks like swollen but it is because of her pregnancy. Also the shoe is looking so bad that’s why it makes her feet look bad too. I am also one of her fans and I have followed her for a long time- it is not her permanent issue though.

4. Posh
If you look at her big toe, it looks like it is cramped and pinched. This is a moment when it makes her feel not good to see the feet like that. Anyway, becoming a human is not always having everything perfect.

5. Steven Tyler
If you look at Steven Tyler’s toes they are sticking out like a sore thumb. He has a painful issue called Morton’s neuroma. The reason is because of performing many stages wearing small shoes. He said the doctors they could fix the pains in his feet but it must be done with a few more surgeries.

6. Julianne Moore
Academy award winner, Julianne Moore, still looks quite pretty, even at 55. She always rocks the red carpet with fancy designer clothing. However, the one area, where she lacks considerably is her feet. She has one of the ugliest feet around. It may be due to her age, but she can still work upon them to look perfect.

7. Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is as pretty as they come in the entertainment industry. She is a fashion icon and has a whole lot of designer products being sold in her name. This is why, it is quite amusing that even then she not at all takes care of her feet. May be, she barely gets time to put her attention to her feet, as she spends most of her time on other parts of the body.

8. Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner, producer and actress, has been known for her glamor in the past and the way, which she presents herself in the big event. However, looking at her leg, it seems that she had not given attention to them for a long time. May be it is because she has just got divorced with Ben Affleck and things have been quite difficult for her.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker has done everything to ensure that she looks quite good at any major event. However, she has not paid important attention to one of the important body parts, feet. It seems that her age has quite quickly come upon her feet and it is too difficult for her to take care of it at this stage.

10. Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey might be a media mogul and quite rich when it comes to her overall net worth, as it is at $3 billion, but even then she is unable to give attention to her feet. Even at 61, you would not expect such a popular celebrity to have their feet in this shape.