11 Celebrities who Should Thank Their Dentists

1. She is everything from being a TV personality to businesswoman to fashion designer to being a woman with a sexy smile, but the one thing, which Amy Childs would thank her dentist for, would be for fixing her teeth and adding more glamor to the same to help her in getting a captivating smile. Via: thelisticles

2. Nicolas Cage did do a lot for her acting career, like even ripping of couple of teeth, for one of his movies. Rather than just getting those again, what he did was to ask his dentist to fix his entire set and now, she how fresh his smile looks and you can never guess what happened to him.

3. British singer and songwriter, Tulisa was not always so glamorous for the camera, especially when it came to her smile. However, like most stars, she did a smart move by consulting her dentist and ensuring that the only thing, probably not in proper shape, would get the right treatment.

4. British talent scout and judge of some of the best reality shows around like American Idol, X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell can thank his dentist for adding the nice shape to his veneer and making his smile worth more to everyone. There was not much of a change, but it was noticeable.

5. Catherine Zeta Jones has done a lot for herself all her life and one thing, which she did that made her smile more exuberant, was consult her dentist. Yes, there was prettiness in her previous smile too, but none can match what she has put on her face at this moment thanks to her dentist.

6. 50 cent spent close to 50000$ to ensure that his teeth came back in shape. Yes, it is too much of money, which he paid. However, if you consider the fact that he is still alive after being shot 9 times, then he is allowed to do whatever he wants with the money he has.

7. Entertainment manager from Britain and host of the X Factor show, Louis Walsh does not mind smiling on the camera, whenever he comes across a nice performance and it is worth watching him smile. However, it is only thanks to his dentist that he has got a pleasant smile at this moment.

8. Zac Efron has class as well as style in the way he walks, presents himself to the camera and smiles. Of these, the one thing, which he should be thankful to his dentist for, would be his smile, as he got his veneers worked upon by his dentist to ensure a fuller and captivating smile.

9. Ronan Keating, from the days of being a member of Boyzone, has matured quite a bit. He has changed his style and the way he sings. Another thing, which he has changed is the way he smiles. He did it with the help of his dentist, who he should thank for doing a very good job.

10. Niall Horan might not be one of the most popular members of the Group, One Direction, but he does have the ladies going for him for the smile, which he carries. One of the reason for his sexy smiles would be his dentist, who has got Niall to a situation, where no one can miss it.

11. Ryan Clark finished 5th in the 2012 X Factor and won the 2013 celebrity Big Brother. He is a singer as well as a presnter. The only thing, which he did not have in the past was a strong mesmerizing smile, which now he does all thanks to his dentist.