11 Celebrities Who Have Surprising Weight Changes

Everyday you see people who gain a lot of weight and you see people who loose their weight also. To gain a weight sometimes can be an issue but to others it is just a benefit. It does happen to many of the stars too and one of the stars below might be your idol. I believe celebs are very easy to lose weight as they mostly have their own personal trainer to control their eating and exercising, ect. The pictures below are celebs who have surprising weight changes. Some from small to big while others from big to small.

Chaka Khan
I can’t believe she gains that kind of weight. If you look at her before, it seems like everything is so perfect. I am one of her fan too and have been followed her from the early day. Fortunately, it is so good for her to lose more pounds back recently.

Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson is one of the amazing weight loser since August 2009 to April 2010. She has managed to lose from size 16 to size 6 by celeb trainer Harley Pasternak plus a helping hand from weight watchers program.

Christina Aguilera
I love Christina Aguilera so much. I have no idea on how she can stand to put more weight on her. Some stories would say because she had poked around with other fat people and it is coming back to her now.

Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer has mad many women crazy on him while he played a role as Batman, but today he puts so much weight. Fortunately, if you look at his smile it still look so attractive.

Janet Jackson
Many times, you will see Janet Jackson does the lost and gained weight easily. She stole almost everyone heart without seeing her directly- image is enough to make your heart jump.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey weight loss or gain is always a breaking news to everyone. in 2000, she managed her weight at 160 and thought she had everything in control but in 2008 she announced again that she was 200 pounds. In 2010, she announced again, she had no plan to go on diet.

Kirstie Alley
Kirstie Alley looks so amazing. She is a good heart person to me either she loses or gains- it is not a matter at all. She used to open a show but it didn’t last long, but she still keep on fighting the matter as a fat actress.

Mariah Carey
I almost can’t believe that one of my most amazing idol is in the list. Mariah Carey is in my top list. I know Jenny Craig weight loss program will do best for her.

Lela Rochon
Lela Rochon weight is not that bad at all comparing to some of the pictures above. I still believe she can do it.

Keely Shaye Smith
Working as television host and journalist is always amazing for her. If you look at her picture before it is just awesome, but later on her weight starts to jump up unpredictably. Anyway, she still has her husband Pierce Brosnan beside her all the time with their 2 great children.

Jessica Simpson
Her smile is still awesome no matter what she has become. She gains so much weight because of pregnancy that’s what I have guessed. If you look at her picture is when she showed up on David Letterman a few weeks before giving birth to her baby girl.