9 Amazing Christmas Cupcakes- Cupcake Ideas and Recipes

When it comes to Christmas Cupcakes, they are a joy to receive and give. You get different shapes, flavors and designs in these small treats and fill you up with delight. Let us check out the different varieties of cupcakes, which you can have for yourself and your guests at Christmas party.

• You can have tree cupcakes, where vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch flavor cupcakes have a Christmas tree on the top. The tree can be created using fondant or cream, as per your liking.
• You can create your favorite characters on top of the Christmas cupcakes. Rudolf the reindeer, dwarfs and Santa himself can be created on top of delicious cupcakes to ensure that the Christmas joy can be felt while eating. Most bakeries use cream as well as fondant to create the characters.
• Another thing, which you can do, is create a star on top of the cupcake using fondants.
• Some even prefer creating a snowy environment on top of the cakes, as it prevails outside during Christmas. This can be easily achieved using cream.

Other than these, there are different other designs, which are widely used for Christmas cupcakes. So, choose the one that excites you and have a delightful and tasty Christmas this year.

christmas cupcakesRecipe Source Joy the Baker

christmas cupcakes 1Recipe Source iVillage

christmas cupcakes 2Recipe Source Fondant Fairytales

christmas cupcakes 3Recipe Source Eat My Cakes

christmas cupcakes 4Recipe Source Buttercream Blondie

christmas cupcakes 5Recipe Source Leite’s Culinaria

christmas cupcakes 7Recipe Source Bake Happy

christmas cupcakes 8Recipe Source Food Family and Finds

christmas cupcakes 9Recipe Source The Café Sucré Farine