10 Amazing Breakfast Cupcake Ideas & Recipes- It’s Better Than Muffins

You cannot make assumptions, when it comes to food, anymore. What seems healthy to you might not be healthy in reality. Such can be said in relation to breakfast cupcakes and breakfast muffins. Expert dieticians believe that it is better to opt for cupcakes over muffins, when it involves your breakfast.

Dieticians believe it to be a possibility that the standard muffin may have higher calorie count than that contained in standard cupcakes, which makes breakfast cupcakes a clear winner. Standard muffins at most bakeries have 5.5 ounces and contain over 500 calories, whereas standard cupcakes contain 3 ounces compounding to just over 350 calories.

The measurement in calories and ounces is a good enough indication that breakfast cupcakes are better overall. This point, discussed over here, is not to tell a muffin lover to change his love for his favorite item. However, it is to inform how better cupcakes are, if anyone is looking to make their breakfasts healthier and lighter. You can still have your rounds of muffins when you want.

Almost all bakers provide breakfast cupcakes of different varieties, which you can use to provide you with a delightful breakfast to get you off on the best foot possible in the morning.

breakfast cupcakes 1Recipe Source Cupcake Project

breakfast cupcakes 2Recipe Source Martha Stewart

breakfast cupcakes 3Recipe Source Oh She Glows

breakfast cupcakes 4Recipe Source She Knows Food and Recipes

breakfast cupcakes 5Recipe Source Naturally Ella

breakfast cupcakes 6Recipe Source My Baking Addiction

breakfast cupcakes 7Recipe Source Chocolate-Covered Katie

breakfast cupcakes 8Recipe Source Pass the Sushi

breakfast cupcakes 9Recipe Source Cooking Classy

breakfast cupcakes 10Recipe Source Sugar Beams