Ingenious Initiatives To Hide The Eyesores In Your Home

When it comes to concealing the eyesores in your home – the old, but inevitable, usable and discolored articles – you can achieve the same by exploiting the available space, and adopting some gimmicks through inexpensive means. Innovations for this include making wall-mounted book shelves; and putting drawers under staircases and in steps.

Hiding big articles with decorative and informative curtains; and throwing off the unwanted items help in this. Keeping electronic gadgets in boxes; leading wires through exclusive channels; and keeping pets’ lunch in separate drawers are the other ways. Concealing your AC with a to-do-list; decorating power switches with ‘save power’ slogans, and the like are the other techniques improving the interior. via (h/t: buzzfeed) | via boredpanda

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